Common sense conservative who does not feel guilty that my neighbour to the left has less that me nor am I envious that my neighbour to the right has more. I believe in helping those truly in need with a hand up, not a hand out, self responsibility and hard work. I am proud to be Christian that holds no ill will to all other religions or beliefs be they muslin, jewish or atheist. I am a climate realist, one that does not buy into the great CO2 scam. As such I believe climate changes as a natural course of nature but in saying that it is everyone's basic responsibilty bethey personal or corporate to take care of our enviroment. Pollution and global warming are two totaly seperate issues. These are my thoughts on a world that is changing faster than ever before, sometimes for better sometimes for the worse but sadly with what appears to be with little common sense or respect. I try to make sense of it all in a straight forward, not politically correct manner with a big dose of common sense.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

twitter Twits, Slavelake fire and the Looney left

Well it's been quite the crazy couple of weeks here in the great white north. Some good, some bad and some just plain crazy. Where to begin?
Sadly we need to start at the horrific events a couple of weeks ago in Slavelake Alberta where a out of control forest fire and high winds burnt nearly half of the town to the ground. Amazingly no one died or got hurt but still an heart breaking, gut wrenching event for those who had to endure this.
This is where the convergence of twits on twitter and the looney left started in earnest. On the night the fire hit Slavelake twitter was alive with people sending their prayers and wishes of hope to the people of Slavelake until the twits showed up. All of a sudden many tweets appeared saying it was great that a town with "Slave" in it's was burning, they deserved it and other such braindead crap. When you looked at the twitter profile of the twits spewing such vial crap it was no surprise most where of the looney left variety with such touchy feely descriptions of themselves like "standing for what is rights of all people" "making the world a better place" and other such self absorbed garbage. If they truly felt that way and used half of the brain power it takes to send a moronic cold hearted tweet they would have looked up on goggle why Slavelake has that name. It has nothing to do with common definition of the word "Slave" but discovered the town is named after the Slavie Indians that live in the area who by the way have no issue with the towns name. Sadder yet when these looney left twitter twits where told of this they in typical progressive fascist refused to acknowledge their mistake and continued to show more of their ignorance by posting more disgusting tweets of their enjoyment that a town was being destroyed.

To the credit of Albertans there was an outpouring of incredible charity and generosity to the victims of the Slavelake fire. Most charity was pure of heart that did not seek acknowledgement as it should be while other was done by those who require a tax receipt, or something else which I never will understand but it was all welcomed by those who needed the help. I have a few thoughts on charity which is pure and the business of charity that I will talk about later in another post

The lunacy of the left again came to national attention in Canada in three other very strange but all too predictable cases. First the green fascists wasted no time jumping on the global warming, climate change mantra of never let a disaster go to waste. To them the the sole cause of the Slavelake fire was due to AGW, CO2 and climate change and nothing to do with the facts the people are building farther into forests, the fact that this was not the first town ever to get caught in a forest fire nor will it be the last. Forest fires happen every year since the beginning of time and will continue to happen. This fire had very strong winds to aid it's growth and devastating path, it happens and just a fact of nature not man.
Then two more stories broke that show what a sad effect progressives can have on our children. In the liberal fascist state of Quebec a family was threatened by the courts that if they didn't put their children in state controlled daycare they would be put jail for an insane reason from the judge they need the socialization. The family's children are home schooled which is legal in Canada and by all reports the children are doing just fine but not according the progressives running the Quebec social agenda. Another sad fact in this story is this family left Germany where home schooling is illegal and where under the threat of jail for home schooling their kids. They "escaped" to Canada and where granted asylum, they should stayed out of Quebec. This case is still working its way threw the courts and we can only hope common sense prevails and they family is again allowed to raise their kids as they wish.
The other case is even more bizarre and of course happened in that progressive hotbed of the Greater Toronto Area. Here we have a set of parents running an social engineering experiment on their kids that would make any mad scientist proud. They are NOT letting their children know their gender! That is right, they keep the gender from their kids by not letting them know if they are a boy or a girl and are allowed to develop as they wish. This is not about sexual orientation and letting your son or daughter act as they wish. It is not letting them know that yes you are a boy and there are many ways to be a boy or the same for a girl. Now these kids are home taught kids again in a very unorthodox manner, no set rules or learning schedule but at their own pace that the kids themselves set, lucky for them they don't live in Quebec. This is wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to understand it and further amazed the kids are still in that house. You don't do a grand social engineering experiment of your kids. Gender is specific and black and white, you are female or male, it is just that simple. The question of being gay, hetro, or transexual is a different thing all together, this is just being completely dishonest to your kids for your own sick beliefs. How will these kids be with other kids who are brutally honest and call things the way they are, what phycological issues will they have as they get older and mix withe real world? Of course the luny left say it's OK and obviously have no thoughts of the implications on the children, it's all lolly pops and rainbows and what a wonderful world it would be if everyone was like this. It's not, it is not human nature or nature at all. This case to is being reviewed and hopefully it ends soon for the kids.
Well that is about for now and you can see this world is losing more of it's common sense every day but I do believe the fight to make common sense more common place is growing every day, don't give up.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is this unwanted Election perhaps the most important in Canadian History?

May 2nd 2011 Canada goes goes to the polls to elect the next government of Canada. It is an election many have have called unnecessary, and by most unwanted but none the less the opposition parties of the house now was the time. The reasons provided by the opposition parties were based on two false pretences, first was the budget which none of them read and decided not to support before even looking at and second was a trumped up contempt of parliament issue.

Not even reading the budget and rejecting is contemptuous in of it's self, and reinforced by the fact opposition parties were already putting election signs out. As for the contempt of parliament which what the gov't fell on means nothing in my opinion. How can it be of any merit when the committee that ordered this vote was a majority of the opposition parties looking for an election and also had a large component of separatists in this committee? How can any party, politician be in more contempt of Canada than the Bloc? How can one who is a separatist and wishes to destroy Canada even be part of national policy decisions? Only in Canada and hopefully this insanity ends soon.
Further to confirm this contempt is nothing more than a cheap political stunt is the fact none of the opposition parties that voted on this are bringing it during the campaign nor is the taxpayer funded, liberal PR machine the CBC. This tells me it can't be that serious of a matter and a cheap stunt as if it were the CBC, CTV and other left leaning biased media would be all other this by having this as a lead story every night instead of silly stories of people not allowed into conservative rallies who some it turned out to be very radical protesters linked to the Green and NDP party. Which by the way the main stream media forgets to report as per usual biased newscasts. Another question that needs to be asked is why haven't the Liberals, NDP, Bloc and even the fringe Green party are not bringing it up every day? The only logical answer to everyday Canadians it is just another political stunt and they just don't care as there are more important issues to deal with.

So just why is this unwanted Election about nothing possibly the most important in our history? The reasons are this;
1) If Prime Minister Harper and the conservatives do not get a majority the chances are the oppositions will join with a group of separatists and form a coalition government against the wishes of the majority of Canadians. What makes this even more offensive is the leader of the Liberal party Michael Ignatieff refuse to admit he will do this despite his signing the attempted coalition a few years ago. He will do it just as he was willing to do it before. Jack Layton of the NDP has already said he will join with separatists to form this coalition.
This dangerous coalition will change Canada forever and for the worse. First the economic recovery we are enjoying thanks to the current government will most likely fail. We will see see the Bloc wag the tail of this coalition donkey for all the money, benefits it can get for Quebec at the detriment of the rest of Canada. Then you will have Jack of the NDP force the coalition to spend like crazy on more entitlements for their union friends and many many special interest groups. The Liberals have released their pipe-dream programs for Canada, that alone will send Canada to a economic recession with high taxes, high unemployment and a nanny state supreme.
This coalition will set the future course for Canadians and we may never turn back from. It doesn't matter coalition are popular in the EU and other areas, they are not the norm here and the big difference is that were coalitions are the norm the people know this and vote along those lines, a big difference from back dooring and lying to the Canadian public to form this coalition.

2) This coalition will adopt insane CO2 cap and trade legislation not in order to save the planet as we know it won't but will destroy the oil and gas industry in Canada but will falsely raise billions in dollars for the government as the economy will die with this. This is apparent in the EU as the CO2 cap & trade experiment has failed by nearly destroying some EU economies. In all likely hood will also see a new NEP program that will send Canada back into double digit inflation, interest rates and unemployment much like the Trudeau days.

3)  The country needs strong leadership on crime, the Harper government will introduce strong crime laws so that the law is on the side of the victims, not the criminal like we have now thanks to previous liberal governments. The coalition will stop this and move to give more rights to the criminal as they have done before and continue to do by blocking this legislation. With them there is no self responsibility, it is always someone else's fault and that is how they build their criminal justice system.

4) The country needs strong leadership on security and again the Harper government will do this by it's continued strong support of the military that the NDP and Liberals will destroy if elected like they nearly did before. We need to F-35 not only for national security but for our international commitments with NATO and the UN. The jobs it will create are also another great benefit along allowing Canada to showcase its technological advances and capabilities.

5) Healthcare, the Liberals, NDP will destroy healthcarehealthcare issue, a slash of billions to the provinces by the previous Liberal government.

Canada is at a crossroads with this election. Do we do the right thing, vote for a strong Canada, strong as it's people that just go get it done, believe in a hand up, not hand outs, believe in self reliance and self responsibility or do we elect a coalition of progressive leftist elites who think only they know what is best for us and increase dependence on government handouts while inflicting Canadians with high taxes, more restrictions and less freedoms.

I say vote for a strong Canada and the only way Canada can be strong and get stronger in by electing a Harper lead conservative majority.

people are dying today for this priceless freedom we have, don't waste such a gift

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How the NHL is Destroying the Game of Hockey (part 3-the rules)

Well the NHL season is at it last weekend of regular season play before playoffs and of course it will not end without controversy. 
There was the allowed goal by Chicago that appeared to be kicked in but not enough video evidence to over turn it or so the NHL says which funny enough may of lead to a hawks win and place in the playoffs.
Also we are still dealing with blatant hits to the head and how the NHL deals with it. 
First we had the viscous hit on Montreal's Pacioretty by Boston's star defencemen Chara. Was it a blatant head shot, a dirty hit. Yes it was and for the reason that these guys are professionals, elite players and should, need to know what they are doing.
If a players gets credit for reacting in milli-seconds and tipping a shot in for a goal they also need to be held accountable for hits that cause injury. But the NHL in all it's gutless wisdom decided the hit which resulted in a severe concussion and fractured neck was not worthy of any discipline. To the media's credit and fans alike there was much outcry as it showed the hypocrisy of the NHL, one rule for stars and another for the non stars. It also showed just how unwilling the NHL is to enforce it's own rules.
A couple of weeks later Matt Cooke who just returned from a suspension for a cheap shot did the unthinkable, he delivered a elbow to the head of a Ranger player. This time due mainly to media and fan pressure the NHL did what it should have done years ago, suspended Cooke for 10 games including the first round of the playoffs.
Was this a sign the NHL has finally woke up from the fog and saw the light? Perhaps as early this week Torres from the Canucks decided not to play the puck and went for a head shot on a player in a vulnerable position. That player was Eberle of the Oilers. Now he was not hurt, was able to get up and finish the game and play in the next game.
To the NHL's credit they did not look at that, they focused on the hit. Torres was given a 5 min major and game for the hit and most thought the NHL would leave it as is but they didn't, they did the right thing and handed Torres a 4 game suspension which includes 2 first round playoff games. 
Of course Canuck fans scream unfair, the NHL is against them as they always do when a call doesn't go their way but it was the right call by the NHL, they have to change the culture and apply the rules evenly to all.
Another way the NHL can fix the game is first get rid of the instigator rule, most fans would rather se a fight than these cheap head shots and it will make the players accountable for their actions as the NHL has failed to do that. Also scoring has declined since the instigator rule has been in place.
Finally the NHL needs to grow up and apply the existing rules evenly to all players and all teams no matter what their status or standing in the league. Quit insulting fans with this garbage well he is a star so he gets a break etc. It is an insult to fans all over. When there are bad calls make the official accountable, suspend them , fine them, don't let them ref big games as the NCAA, NFL etc do. Quit hiding from the issue, take it head on and deal with it, the fans and media will appreciate it


Friday, February 11, 2011

How the NHL is Destroying the Game of Hockey (part 2-the refs)

Yes it is a very fast sport and the officials have a very tough job. They get lots of abuse, most of the time it is uncalled for and I have enormous for the job they do. But in recent years their role has appeared to have changed in the NHL and has not changed for the good of the game, quite the opposite. Recently with poor calls and what looks like arrogance they have played a key role in many games which is wrong. In a properly officiated game it should appear that there was no refs even present but more and more in the NHL the refs are a big part of post game chats. 
How is this an NHL issue? Well let me tell you. In every other professional sports league there is constructive criticism allowed by the media, the teams without worry of fines and such but not in the NHL. If you are a player, coach or part of management expect huge fines for any disparaging remarks about the refs. If you are in the media expect sanctions by the NHL, be it getting barred from official NHL events and or pressure from the NHL to have you removed from covering the NHL. I do not have any actual cases of that but it has been long rumoured and players, coaches are always getting fined, that is common knowledge. The NHL in all it's arrogance may think this helps keep the NHL in a good light but it is far from it, it makes it looks worse. 
As for examples of how bad the officiating has got well that is easy. the list goes on and on. Just the other night when the Oilers lost to the Hawks. The bad officiating did not cause the Oilers to lose but it sure didn't help. To start the the game the Oilers got 6 penalties in a row and of those 6 perhaps two were legit calls, the other four were questionable at best. By the end of the 6th penalty the Oilers were down by 3 goals. Then in the third period when after missed calls against the Hawks and another upcoming to the Oilers their frustrations got the best of them. Well in the refs wisdom one ref handed out two 10 minute misconducts to 2 different players which is unheard of. When the ref was asked why by the Oiler captian S Horcoff he got told by the ref he didn't have time to explain. After that there was a couple of make up calls to the Hawks and no calls to the Oilers in a lame, failed attempt to even it up. Sad thing is games like that are not rarity, they are common place in the NHL and is the main reason bowling gets higher TV rating in the states than hockey does.

So after such a horrible display of officiating what the media say? Well pretty much nothing. Yes there was some very soft mentions on the double misconduct and oh the poor refs were young and worse of all well the Oilers are a team of rookies so they don't get any breaks. Total gutless bullshit dribble from a sissy media kissing NHL ass. It insults any hockey fan when they know what has happened and the media just repeats ordered NHL bullshit! Again this just hurts the image of the NHL. The officials need to be criticised o they can improve, as they improve the game improves and as the game improves the NHL grows. Without good, fair assessment of the officials performance all aspects of the game suffers. The NFL, MLB, NCAA etc constantly rate their officials. Too many bad calls they get suspended, banned from playoffs etc and that is a major reason why those sports are so popular as by doing that it makes the games that much better. But not in the NHL, the league and media coddle the officials like a sacred cow, no criticism or discipline of their mistakes allowed which is so very wrong on so many levels and in turn destroys the great game of hockey. 
If the NHL is serious about improving the game well start by improving the basics of the game and that is the officiating. No more of this crap of the sacred cow refs, no more "well the calls even out" no more "well he is a rookie, he doesn't get the same breaks as a veteran" no more "you have to play threw it" no more banning honest criticism of refs by media, teams, no more the refs deciding the game, let it be the players, NOT the refs.


Coming soon - How the NHL is Destroying the Game of Hockey Part 3 - the rules?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oilers January '11 Review

Well it's a New Year full of hope and promise for the young Oilers but sadly they started the New Year in much the same form as they ended it.
The first month of the year brought a huge snow fall for the city of edmonton and the Oilers have acting they got buried in it much the city has. It was 8 losses and 3 wins for the Oil in January but mind there is hope as most games were lost by 1 goal except for an embarrassing performance against the Canucks.
Injuries have played a role, Eberle and Hemsky have been out for most of the month but I say the loss of Eberle was much harder on the team than the loss of Hemsky. 
It is a different team with Hemsky in the line up and it is not a good different.  With Hemsky being a veteran and a leader on this team he brings a passiveness to their play, a pass first shoot maybe later attitude. This team needs more of the agressive , willingness to take the game over play by the likes displayed by T. Hall and the other kids of the future, not the pass first-try for the highlite goal instead of a good solid garbage goal that Hemsky brings. Yes he has talent but he is the poster boy of potential unrealized just as Dustin penner's inconsistent play has done for him. Both players need to be traded and the sooner the better. I truely believe most of the fans high opinion of Hemsky is a misplaced desire, dream that he is guy to take us to the promise land, well he isn't and it's time to move on and continue the rebuild, starting with a new, hard to play against, aggressive attitude. Hemsky and Penner do not bring that to the team, they bring passive play.

Here's the Grades for the Oilers January '11;

SPECIAL TEAMS "F" - Well what can you say. 0 - 50 on the PP WTF!? The Oilers PP has been about as effective as the city of Edmonton snow clearing effort, both a complete failures. The Oilers have left as many chances to win a games as the city has left 4 foot snow windrows. Any increase in productivity on special teams would translate into a lot more wins, watch out when it happens

ROOKIES "C+" - Still showing promise and responsible for most of the good play. I really like how Omark follows up his shot to the net and doesn't peel off. Peckham and Petry show promise on defense along with solid play by MPS. A lot to look forward to.

OFFENSE "C-" - Get ugly, crash the net, get aggressive and shoot the puck!!! I have to say they have been doing this more but again it seems to disappear when Hemsky is in the line up. Basics boys! ugly goals count the same as pretty ones.

DEFENSE "C-" - Getting better, getting tougher to play against and this can be seen by a change in us out shooting the opposition.

GOALTENDING "C"   The defence is doing the job by allowing fewer shot but unfortunately Khabbi has been struggling and facing 12 straight losses. many are putting the blame on him alone but that is unrealistic. The defence and lack of offence is just as much to blame. many of the games he lost were close and the only reason they where close was due to his play. But, in saying that Dubnyk is showing he is our future #1. The Oilers need to play him more and give him the experience he needs.

COACHES "C+"  Definite improvement despite the record, we are getting more shots and allowing less. Most of the games were 1 goal losses, the coaching staff needs to get this team to develop that killer instinct and put teams away. Finally as mentioned above the coaching staff needs to split the games evenly between goalies, play Dubnyk more!

OILERS AS WHOLE  "C"  More frustrating nights of watching them play and learn ahead but there are signs of what's to come. Potential, potential we just need it realized.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

How the NHL is Destroying the Game of Hockey (part 1)

Well we are at the glorious part of the NHL season where we get to enjoy the wonderful All-Star weekend. Sure some fan like it but when you look at it, it just gets goofier every year and insults a serious hockey fan more and more every year.
This years All-Star Game has reached new lows, first a garbage draft by the players that even the NHL whipped media had a very hard time promoting. Next up the "Guardian" project, a collection absolutely stupid cartoon characters that represent each NHL team. This is just beyond sad for any professional league to sink this low in a pathetic attempt to promote itself. Again Bettman and the NHL fail to understand that improving the game on the ice is the best way to to increase the games profile, NOT cheap ass gimmicks.
As if this humiliation wasn't bad enough if you look back since Bettman took over the NHL one can see the slow destruction of the game's integrity and any respect of its roots.
The systematic destruction of the game of hockey and it's Canadian roots can easily be chronicled here and I hope to show you how and why.

First off the focus of the NHL has been US expansion in hopes of landing the big US TV contract that still eludes the NHL. The majority of the new teams play to empty buildings, have a zero fan base and even less in local TV coverage but Bettman and the NHL are still hellbend on keeping teams in these non-hockey markets like Nashville, Florida (2) Atlanta, and of course the well documented Phoenix disaster. The NHL and Bettman have a strong dislike of the canadian market and is easily seen by the refusal to move these failed franchises to a viable Canadian market. This weekend Bettman again showed his hatred for Canada by refusing to go on live with Hockey Night in Canada during the All Start Game broadcast. To read more on this read this great post; on the Bleacher Report Blog -

Media Control - The NHL keeps very tight dictatorship style controls on how the media, players, teams can comment on anything that is not positive for the NHL. While this is a bit understandable the NHL fails again by not allowing debate on the game in the media as other leagues have such as the NFL, MLB and NBA has. Open debate on officiating, rule changes etc has made all those leagues better. Rumors abound that if any media types "dis" the NHL their press passes will be revoked and players, coaches teams get heavy fines for saying anything that does not fit in with Bettman's and the NHL propaganda guidelines. This media control does more harm then good for the game of hockey.

Biased Officiating - This is perhaps the 2nd biggest issue facing the NHL and is tied in closely with the #1 issue facing the NHL. To be honest and to be blunt the officiating in the NHL is a joke on many levels and has the appearance of being corrupted to such a point it is manipulated as to effect the outcome games and playoff series. Again with the media controls put out there by the NHL it cannot be criticized publicly without fear of losing your press pass or big fines. But yet the NHL fails again to learn from other leagues where honest criticism is welcomed and acted upon.
The media is just as much to blame with it's most insulting excuses for bad officiating, "well it evens up", "he is a veteran so he will get that break". All of which is just BULLSHIT! A call is a call, it should not matter id it was by a veteran or a rookie, in the first minute or last minute and make up calls are total garbage, it doesn't even and if anyone thinks it does they are total idiots. When team gets a few penalties early in the game in a row and finds itself down a couple of goals because of those bad calls the make up calls in the final couple minutes mean shit but look good on the stat sheet at the end of the night. There also never appears repercussions for bad officiating. the the NFL, NCAA, MLB bad refs gets fined, suspended, banned from playoff games but not in the NHL.

Fixing of Games - Yes the NHL fixes games so they get the results they want, it is hard to say but when you look at the history of certain playoff series and games it leaves no doubt. The obvious distain the NHL and Bettman have for Canada and Canadian teams and with the 100's of millions of dollars the NHL has has invested in non-hockey markets the NHL will do anything to help those markets, even if it means fixing games with biased officiating, scheduling irregularities and anything else they can do. The worst thing that could happen to the NHL and what they fear most is to have two Canadian teams in the cup final. The ratings in the almighty US market would plummet and the NHL will do anything to prevent it.
This is evident with the last three times a Canadian team made it to the Stanley Cup final. In 1994 it was Vancouver against the NY Rangers. The NHL was desperate for the Rangers to win that cup, what great  news it would be for a huge US market and raise the NHL profile in the US. Well the CanucksCanucks found themselves penalized early many times in a row early in the game on very questionable calls and soon a 2 goal deficit they couldn't overcome even with a few make up calls late in the game that made the game stat sheet look good but sealed the win for the NHL and the Rangers. This was again repeated in 2004 when the Calgary Flames forced a game 7 with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Again that series was plagued by bad calls, questionable allowed-disallowed goals that mostly went in favour of Tampa. this thought was echoed by coach Sutter of the Flames who did get a huge fine by the NHL for saying so. Again the NHL was desperate the "Bolts" win the cup in order to increase the NHL profile in a loser hockey market where they had to give tickets away to cup final games. Again the final game was decided by one sided, strategic timed penalties in favour of Tampa. The last time a Canadian team made it to the Cup final was in 2006 when Edmonton Oilers went against Carolina. The Oilers climbed a huge mountain to get there throughout the playoffs with many games in previous series tainted with corrupted officiating. For example in one game against Anaheim the Oilers set a record for most 2 man down penalties in a period, the media didn't report it that way, they reported on the record 5 goals in one period by the Ducks not the garbage calls that lead to so many 5 on 3 for the Ducks. Then in the finals, game one a direct run at the the Oilers goalie that put him out for the series, no call. Through out the series there were many questionable calls and when Oiler's coach MacT questioned this he too was fined like Sutter was two years before. Through careful manipulation of how the refs call the game the NHL was able to have these series go to 7 games and assure the end result was a win for a US based team all with the goal of increasing the NHL profile in the US and in non-hockey markets.
No one to admit it but it does, there is too much at stake for the NHL, too much money and they are willing to do what ever it takes. Bettman himself has said in the past his ideal NHL would only have 2 canadian teams and he seems hellbent on achieving that goal.

As a season ticket holder for the Oilers I know myself as do many other Canadian team season ticket holders it is getting harder every year to renew. It is NOT because of how our team is doing but because of how the NHL is destroying the game.

Stay tuned for part 2 on this where I will break down the issues with the NHL rule changes and inconsistent officiating that is leading to the destruction of hockey in the NHL


Sunday, January 2, 2011

December Oiler Review or Too Much Skill is a Bad Thing or Trade Hemsky?

Well December is has come and gone along with Christmas and New Years Eve. Apparently, that is not all that has left town, as the Oilers have appeared to let go of how to shoot a puck at the net.
A very basic principle of the game of hockey but no the young Oilers would rather flatter Mr. Hemsky by imitating him and the "why take a shot at the net when I can try a near impossible pass and just maybe get on the TSN highlite of the night!"
Too many Oiler fans Hemsky is our best player and perhaps he has been but I think it is time to trade him. A lot of the strong supporters of Hemsky are misplacing their desire to return to the days of Anderson, da Moose, Kuri and even Simpson but lets face the fact Hemsky is no where at that level. In fact, at this time I feel he is deterrent to this team of young stars getting better. They are young, they don't want to come across as selfish so being impressionable as they are they try to fit in with the team and thus follow Hemsky's lead of pass first and who gives a shit about shooting.
What this team needs is for hall to grow his damn the torpedoes and get a bit more selfish, take the shot as does Ebs and MPS. There is rarely a time when the saying "nice guys finish last" has not been more true. We need some greedy assholes to take this team by the balls, get aggressive and yes selfish, and take some shots! The biggest issue with this team is the flirting of breaking an NHL record for fewest shots by a team that is just unacceptable!

ROOKIES "C" - they have gotten into the learning rut and have plateaued but should just be temporary. Omark gave us a sign of WOW with a brief appearance and SO goal that pissed of the NHL, that was good, his play not so much-back to the minors for learning.

OFFENSE "C-" - shoot the puck!!! Need I say more?

DEFENSE "C-" - as with the offense - shot the puck! and get it out of our zone! The defense is struggling on many levels and injuries haven't helped. Peckham and Smid are bright spots.

GOALTENDING "B" Khabbi has proved himself facing way too many shots and saving the Oilers ass on more than one occasion even with the odd win. Dubnyk has shown he is solid and deserves more playing time, great future,

COACHES "C-" again, get the team to shot the puck, get ugly and teach the defense how to get the puck out in 1 or 2 passes, not the 4-5 we now see. And play Dubnyk more!

OILERS AS WHOLE  "C" A lot more pain and growth ahead.