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Saturday, May 28, 2011

twitter Twits, Slavelake fire and the Looney left

Well it's been quite the crazy couple of weeks here in the great white north. Some good, some bad and some just plain crazy. Where to begin?
Sadly we need to start at the horrific events a couple of weeks ago in Slavelake Alberta where a out of control forest fire and high winds burnt nearly half of the town to the ground. Amazingly no one died or got hurt but still an heart breaking, gut wrenching event for those who had to endure this.
This is where the convergence of twits on twitter and the looney left started in earnest. On the night the fire hit Slavelake twitter was alive with people sending their prayers and wishes of hope to the people of Slavelake until the twits showed up. All of a sudden many tweets appeared saying it was great that a town with "Slave" in it's was burning, they deserved it and other such braindead crap. When you looked at the twitter profile of the twits spewing such vial crap it was no surprise most where of the looney left variety with such touchy feely descriptions of themselves like "standing for what is rights of all people" "making the world a better place" and other such self absorbed garbage. If they truly felt that way and used half of the brain power it takes to send a moronic cold hearted tweet they would have looked up on goggle why Slavelake has that name. It has nothing to do with common definition of the word "Slave" but discovered the town is named after the Slavie Indians that live in the area who by the way have no issue with the towns name. Sadder yet when these looney left twitter twits where told of this they in typical progressive fascist refused to acknowledge their mistake and continued to show more of their ignorance by posting more disgusting tweets of their enjoyment that a town was being destroyed.

To the credit of Albertans there was an outpouring of incredible charity and generosity to the victims of the Slavelake fire. Most charity was pure of heart that did not seek acknowledgement as it should be while other was done by those who require a tax receipt, or something else which I never will understand but it was all welcomed by those who needed the help. I have a few thoughts on charity which is pure and the business of charity that I will talk about later in another post

The lunacy of the left again came to national attention in Canada in three other very strange but all too predictable cases. First the green fascists wasted no time jumping on the global warming, climate change mantra of never let a disaster go to waste. To them the the sole cause of the Slavelake fire was due to AGW, CO2 and climate change and nothing to do with the facts the people are building farther into forests, the fact that this was not the first town ever to get caught in a forest fire nor will it be the last. Forest fires happen every year since the beginning of time and will continue to happen. This fire had very strong winds to aid it's growth and devastating path, it happens and just a fact of nature not man.
Then two more stories broke that show what a sad effect progressives can have on our children. In the liberal fascist state of Quebec a family was threatened by the courts that if they didn't put their children in state controlled daycare they would be put jail for an insane reason from the judge they need the socialization. The family's children are home schooled which is legal in Canada and by all reports the children are doing just fine but not according the progressives running the Quebec social agenda. Another sad fact in this story is this family left Germany where home schooling is illegal and where under the threat of jail for home schooling their kids. They "escaped" to Canada and where granted asylum, they should stayed out of Quebec. This case is still working its way threw the courts and we can only hope common sense prevails and they family is again allowed to raise their kids as they wish.
The other case is even more bizarre and of course happened in that progressive hotbed of the Greater Toronto Area. Here we have a set of parents running an social engineering experiment on their kids that would make any mad scientist proud. They are NOT letting their children know their gender! That is right, they keep the gender from their kids by not letting them know if they are a boy or a girl and are allowed to develop as they wish. This is not about sexual orientation and letting your son or daughter act as they wish. It is not letting them know that yes you are a boy and there are many ways to be a boy or the same for a girl. Now these kids are home taught kids again in a very unorthodox manner, no set rules or learning schedule but at their own pace that the kids themselves set, lucky for them they don't live in Quebec. This is wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to understand it and further amazed the kids are still in that house. You don't do a grand social engineering experiment of your kids. Gender is specific and black and white, you are female or male, it is just that simple. The question of being gay, hetro, or transexual is a different thing all together, this is just being completely dishonest to your kids for your own sick beliefs. How will these kids be with other kids who are brutally honest and call things the way they are, what phycological issues will they have as they get older and mix withe real world? Of course the luny left say it's OK and obviously have no thoughts of the implications on the children, it's all lolly pops and rainbows and what a wonderful world it would be if everyone was like this. It's not, it is not human nature or nature at all. This case to is being reviewed and hopefully it ends soon for the kids.
Well that is about for now and you can see this world is losing more of it's common sense every day but I do believe the fight to make common sense more common place is growing every day, don't give up.

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